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G'nY or Geography and You, is a semi-scientific research based magazine that is being published from New Delhi for 13 years now. One of its kind in the nation, the magazine deals with issues that are pertinent to south Asia, and India in particular. The editorial coverage encompasses people, places, environment, science and technology , with an emphasis on human involvement in a climate change scenario. Major topics include nature, ecology, economics, data and its interpretation, GIS based studies, extreme events, geographical thought, and more. G'nY today is appreciated and valued in India and abroad for its lucid in-depth factually correct articles, which is accompanied with vivid and large photographs.

March - April 2014: Emerging issues of disaster management in the Indian context has been discussed through various articles by eminent scholars.

November - December 2013: Articles on the flaws in the Indian conservation plan, which highlights the need to put in place a people centric policy. Mercury poisoning, features on how toxic metals enter our daily lives in insidious ways. Urban growth and its disturbing trends, A short treatise on how urban growth is seen primarily in the service sector. Periurban India, a discussion on why growth of smaller cities should be scanned and policies put in place. No of pp 68.

September - October 2013: The sustainable fertiliser issues deals with state wise pattern of fertiliser consumption, An essay on the urgent need of balanced fertilser usage for food security; Fertiliser usage perspectives,A feature on why the fertiliser industry is failing to meet productivity goals. Pricing and subsidy of fertilisers, A short treatise on why it is imperative to move to nutrient based applications and why the Indian government needs to envisage a policy shift; Natural gas for fertiliser production, An essay on why natural gas is the best fuel for fertilser production and why India is facing a shortage in this regard. No of pp 68.

July-August 2013: Our learnings about earth systems begin from pre-puranic times when man started working out the hows and whys of storms, eclipses, monsoons and so on. Modern science however has specialised its outlook with well defined study areas, which broadly encompasses geology, meteorology, oceanography and astronomy. This issue of G'nY traces all the new happenings in the domain of earth science technologies. A safer future being the focus, the articles range from ocean related sciences to land driven ones by renowned scientists from all over the nation.

November - December 2012: THE ISLAND PEOPLE Even though there is dominance of Islam, the social structure of the islanders is based on the matrilineal kinship and caste system that refl ects the Hindu customs of Kerala, Lakshadweep: State of Environment Precious and rare, the Lakshadweep group of islands is in urgent need of sustainable developmental activities. Stringent laws and policies will help the state of environment of this fragile lands, Field based studies carried out in Lakshadweep for over two decades examine the islanders’ dependence on coral reefs. Data reveal that mainstream influences are leading to significant changes in cultural norms with evidences of a break down of the traditional matrilineal society.

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