Geometry for 1st grade




    Geometry for 1st grade- Free and smart application helps your kids to approach perfectly to primary geometry. Lessons combined cleverly with games for 1st grade kids certainly will give kids exciting and useful lessons. Download right now to get perfect application which can alter absolutely this worksheet!
    The whole application is a perfect lesson which is designed systematically according to three parts:
     Study: This part will introduce to kids the way to identify basic shapes through illustrative shapes everyday objects, to count sides, vertices, faces of shapes and compare them together. Moreover, kids are also accustomed to the definitions of open, closed shapes and symmetry….
     Practice: kids will practice the knowledge that they learn with synthetic multiple choice questions. Kids’ answers will be determined whether are correct or not and also enclosed explanation to help kids to remember knowledge longer.
     Quiz: This is the synthetic test for kids. Kids will finish multiple-choice questions in the certain period of time by themselves to get the highest grade. It’s the part to evaluate kids’ ability at the end of lesson and also to help parents to know how their children master lessons.
     Lessons are illustrated with lively sounds as well as images to enhance kids’ concentration.
     Lessons are classified according to topics and arranged from the easiest to hardest so it’s convenient for kids to study.
     Lessons are shown as a game so it raises kids’ inspiration more than worksheet.
     Lovely and simple interface helps kids to easily study by themselves.
     The quality of graphics is high.
    DOWNLOAD to create a passionate learning environment for 1st grade kids! Thank you for choosing us to be the partner with your children!
    If you find this application really useful, please give 5 stars for it.

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