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Quick pocket reference guide of German grammar (Deutsche Grammatik) in English for students of the German language and for people who are interested in reviewing German grammar in an easy way.

With this pocket guide you could quickly check those grammar concepts you need and they will be always available in your mobile device because neither 3G nor Wifi connection is required.

It is also very useful to review German grammar before an exam of German language or while you are doing some exercises.

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Main features:

** No ads **
** Neither Internet nor Wifi/3G required **
** Small size Kbs **
** Compliant with Android 1.6 and newer **
** To quickly rewiew German grammar before an exam or to help you while you are doing some exercices in german **

NEW V1.2:
Added Prepositional verbs list (91 common verbs to know)

*Introduction: Alphabet and Cases
*Nouns: Articles, Gender, Plural and Declension
*Pronouns: Personal, Reflexive, Possessive, Demostrative, Relative, Interrogative, Indefinite
*Adjectives: Declension and Comparisons
*Adverbs: Of number,of Time, of Place, of Manner and Causals
*Verbs: Basic, Present, Past, Future, Imperative, Modals, Kunjunktiv, Pasive, Inf+zu, Prefixes and Reflexives, List of 174 irregular verbs (infinitive, past and participle)
*Numerals: Cardinals, Ordinals, Fractions, Time, Date and Measures
*Conjunctions: Coordinating, Subordinating and double connectors

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