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Getting Greek: Paradigms & Charts is a handy little App that puts the most important paradigms and charts of Koine Greek right at your fingertips! The App has 30 paradigms and charts including:

+ 1 Declension Nouns
+ 2 Declension Nouns
+ 3 Declension Nouns
+ Personal Pronouns
+ Demonstrative Pronouns
+ Relative Pronouns
+ Interrogative Pronouns
+ Indefinite Pronouns
+ Reflexive Pronouns
+ Definite Article
+ Adjectives
+ Perfect Active/ Middle/ Passive
+ Pluperfect Active
+ Aorist Active/ Middle/ Passive
+ Present Active/ Middle/ Passive
+ Imperfect Active/ Middle/ Passive
+ Future Active/ Middle/ Passive
+ Present Subjunctive
+ Present Imperative
+ Present Infinitive/ Participle
+ Aorist Subjunctive
+ Aorist Imperative
+ Aorist Infinitive/ Participle
+ MI Verbs
+ Eimi & Oida
+ Prepositions
+ Conjunctions
+ Adverbs
+ Numbers
+ Principal Parts

The Getting Greek: Paradigms & Charts App is great for students, seminarians, professors, laypersons, pastors and ancient language lovers alike. If you are interested in getting a better grasp of the Bible, particularly the New Testament in its original language, Koine Greek, then this App is for you! Check it out and spread the word!

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