HP 48 SX emulator.

- 32 K internal RAM.
- 128K ram card in slot 1 & 2 (can be merged).
- Automatic save and load of state.
- Load and save objects to/from stack level 1 (Objects are loaded and saved from/to '/sdcard/go48sx/files').
- On kitkat device import/export is now at /Android/data/o2s.emul.hp48sx/files instead of /go48sx
- Speed from x1 up to x25.
- Clock synced with android.
- HP82240 printer.
- Can load a rom-card image in port 2 (one user asked for it) from '/sdcard/go48sx/files', 128KB file ending with .rom
- sound support for BEEP command (broken on android 4.3 see https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=58113)

Avoid checking 'force gpu rendering' in developer option in android 4.x prefs, this leads to graphic problems.
On S5 devices, long press the right hardware button to get the menu.

See www.hpcalc.org/ for programs. Be careful between S and G version of programs.

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