GoGo Japanese useful phrases1



This is an application that everyday easy to understand situations with illustrations.

Giving you the easiest for the listener to understand Japanese. And also giving you the polite options with native Japanese pronunciations.

• I'll give it another shot.
• I can see it in your eyes.
• How can you be so sure?
• How soon do you need it?
• You look distracted.
• That's bullshit!
• It was close!
• It looks fun.
• I can't come up with it.
• I'm tired.
• The day has come at last.
• He has a crush on her.
• I'm looking forward to seeing you again.
• Are you leaving now?
• You should think twice.
• Let me take care of it.
• It's going to be cold tomorrow.
• I don't feel good.
• You look familiar.
• I didn't know that until today.
• I just can't concentrate today.
• I'm going to go for a drink and have some fun.
• That's an exaggeration.
• Are you sure you're okay?
• Don't pretend you know everything.
• I'll have the same.
• This is not a laughing matter.
• He is diligent.
• He has changed his life.
• I'm sure he'll get angry.
• I'll make it up to you.
• What am I supposed to do?
• What's so funny?
• What is your hobby?
• What happened to you?

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