GoGo Japanese useful phrases3



This is an application that everyday easy to understand situations with illustrations.

Giving you the easiest for the listener to understand Japanese. And also giving you the polite options with native Japanese pronunciations.

• I'll do my best.
• Count me out, please.
• Let's do it.
• I don't want to get on his good side.
• Here's what you should do.
• I almost died laughing.
• I followed Route 45 all the way.
• a shot in the dark.
• Haste makes waste.
• She really takes after her mother.
• She always spreads it on thick.
• I had a car accident.
• He is cheap.
• He stares at me.
• My leg has gone asleep.
• Come to think of it.
• No one can stop him.
• It's pouring.
• I'll take a stab at it.
• He is making a living as an English teacher.
• He went nuts.
• He is just showing off.
• Learn from your mistakes.
• He is behind the time.
• I was jumping for joy when I got your letter.
• I got fired.
• All over the world.
• There's something wrong with my washing machine.
• He talks a million miles a minute.
• You shouldn't put any stock in what he says.
• I can't imagine him riding a motorcycle.
• What did you give her?
• She has a sweet tooth.
• I can't stand her complaining any more.
• He is the black sheep of the family.

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