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Using this application, you can calculate your GPA based off of up to 10 courses. The layout dynamically adjusts itself to only add more inputs as they are needed. The GPA is dynamically calculated everytime you input a new course. With these features, all you have to do is start adding your couses and the layout and GPA will automatically handle themselves. You can also save your current semester and reload it at your choosing. You can enter the grades on a grade point scale(4.0, 3.5, 3.0, etc) or on a percentage scale (90%, 80%, 75%, etc) and it will automatically calculate the weighted average of either you direct GPA or the percentage that you can then use to match with your school's grading system.

Planned Upgrades
-remove empty rows
-ability to save multiple semesters
-calculate cumulative GPA based off of multiple semesters
-pro version with no ads

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