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GPA Calculator For 10 is a tiny app to check and calculate your Semester Grade Point Average(SGPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) with ease.
User can enter the subject details(optional), number of credits allotted to a particular subject and enter the grade points scored and hit enter, voila, Your GPA is calculated :)
This app can be used to calculate GPA on any scale( Example, 4 point scale, 10 point scale etc)
How to use this App:
1. To calculate the SGPA of a particulars semester, enter the total number of subjects in that semester(including lab if it has separate credits).
2. Enter the subject names for reference(optional)
3. Enter the credits allotted to each subject.(Like 4 or 5 or 6 etc.)
4. Enter the credit points you scored.(Eg. For S grade-->10, for A grade-->9, B Grade--> 8 etc)
5. Hit Calculate and voila! Your SGPA is displayed!! :)
Any issues, comments or suggestions towards the app development can be sent to us at
Developed by: Darshan H (MSRIT, Bangalore, India)

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