GRE / CAT Word Learner Pack



This Word Pack is not a standalone application.It is to be used in conjunction with the free Word Learner App:

Word Learner helps you build and retain a strong vocabulary.
Prepares you for competitive exams like GRE, CAT, CMAT, XAT, SAT, GMAT..etc.

Purchasing this word pack will enable the following features in your application:
1.A huge collection of powerful and important words(Over 1500 words).
2.Will enable multiple Daily Word Notifications.
3.Will enable Interval-Based Word Notification.
4.Will remove the ads.

The free app has the following features:
1.A collection of 380 words categorized as Beginner/Expert.
2.Dictionary with Filter-Based Search:
*Online mode - Search for any word to get its definitions & usage examples from a wide range of dictionaries like WEBSTER, CENTURY, WORDNET, WIKTIONARY, AMERICAN HERITAGE DICT. provided by
*Offline mode - Search from the 380 words in the free App.

3.Daily Word Notifications - No more widgets required, instead get notified with a new word daily.
4.Root Words - Upto 320 roots with example words(Very useful for GRE GMAT SAT & CAT aspirants).
Find it difficult to remember new words??? Try the Root Word technique(eg. below):

The Root 'bell' means 'war'--- bellicose, belligerent etc.
The Root 'ante' means 'before'--- antecedent, antediluvian, antedate etc.
So now if you come across the word 'antebellum' you can guess its meaning which would be 'before the war'.

5.Learn Word Mode - Learn new words in the form of flashcards.
6.Test Mode - Test based on the words learnt by you.
7.Review List - Lets you easily access all the words you find difficult at one place.
8.Statistics regarding your performance.
9.Integrated with Wiktionary - Long press a word to get more details about it like Etymology(i.e word origin).
10.U.S and U.K vocal pronunciations(via Google text-to speech).
11.If you come across a new word when you are browsing through websites you can now find its meaning through the Word Learner App as follows:
Long Press the word, click on the share icon and select the Word Learner App.
(Limitations: This feature is dependent on the native browser implementation(works well on ics).It even works with certain ebook readers like Aldiko).

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