Guess Me Flags Edition



Guess Me Flags Edition is a fun game to play and enjoy. The goal is to observe the flag shown and choose the correct country. You are timed against the clock and the faster you answer correctly the more points you get!

There are 2 difficulty levels for the 'REGULAR' game mode and each has 10 random flags to answer, try to answer them all correctly and get high rankings on the leaderboards!

The special 'ENDURANCE' level has no limit on the number of questions, but the timer gets shorter and shorter the you answer correct, if you answer ANY wrong, or the timer runs out, it's game over!

Scores are managed by the Scoreloop framework. Permissions are required for online score keeping and ads display.

Please Email or Tweet us if you have any problems or suggestions.

This is great game for those wanting to memorise the worlds flags :)

Have Fun and Enjoy!!!

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