High School Chemistry Guide



Learn hundreds of vocabulary terms and concepts taught in 9, 10, 11, and 12th grade high school chemistry classes.

Includes multiple-choice quizzes, flashcards, glossary, and dictionary by chapter and topic.

Ch 1: The Science of Chemistry
Ch 2: Chemistry - A Physical Science
Ch 3: Chemistry in the Laboratory
Ch 4: The Atomic Theory
Ch 5: The Bohr Model of the Atom
Ch 6: Quantum Mechanics Model of the Atom
Ch 7: Electron Configurations for Atoms
Ch 8: Electron Configurations and the Periodic Table
Ch 9: Relationships Between the Elements
Ch 10: Trends on the Periodic Table
Ch 11: Ions and the Compounds They Form
Ch 12: Writing and Naming Ionic Formulas
Ch 13: Covalent Bonding
Ch 14: Molecular Architecture
Ch 15: The Mathematics of Compounds
Ch 16: Chemical Reactions
Ch 17: Mathematics and Chemical Equations
Ch 18: The Kinetic-Molecular Theory
Ch 19: The Liquid State
Ch 20: The Solid State
Ch 21: The Solution Process
Ch 22: Ions in Solution
Ch 23: Chemical Kinetics
Ch 24: Chemical Equilibrium
Ch 25: Acids and Bases
Ch 26: Water, pH and Titration
Ch 27: Thermodynamics
Ch 28: Electrochemistry
Ch 29: Nuclear Chemistry
Ch 30: Organic Chemistry
Final: All Chapters

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