Hiragana Scholar (Lite)



Start learning how to read and write Japanese with Hiragana Scholar. This fun, interactive and educational app will not only help you recognize each Hiragana character, it will teach you how to write and pronounce them too.

In Hiragana Scholar the characters have been divided into manageable lessons that you can study at your own pace. Each lesson includes interactive animations that break down the process of writing each character, perfect if you are beginner! Also included in each lesson is a high-quality audio recording, ensuring you know exactly how to pronounce the particular character. To reinforce the content you learn in these lessons, Hiragana Scholar has several games you can play, all structured to be at the difficulty you need them.

Hiragana Scholar (Lite) Features:
* 6 lessons with interactive animations
* High-quality audio recording for each of the 46 basic Hiragana characters
* Flash Card game with 3 difficulty settings
* Match-up game with 3 difficulty settings
* Soundboard of all pronunciation audio
* Support for Honeycomb tablets and large screen phones

Whether you’re a complete beginner or need to brush up on what you already know, download Hiragana Scholar and start learning today!

Purchase the full version on Google Play for the ad-free experience!

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