How To Draw birds



This application can teach you how to draw birds step by step.
Do you want to learn to draw, but don’t know how to do it?
And don’t know how to teach your child to draw?
This application can meet your needs by guiding, Stroke and improving your drawing skills step by step.
This can make you and your children’s drawing skills impress your friends a lot.
You can watch and learn anytime.

*The choice of colors and thickness of painting brushes.
*The eraser function
*Backward one step, forward one step
*Share your painting

Learn to draw:

* Oceanites oceanicus
* Pelecanus rufescens
* Phalacrocorax punctatus
* Casmerodius albus
* Phoenicopterus ruber
* Cygnus columbianus
* Falco cherrug
* Pavo cristatus
* Columba livia
* Melopsittacus undulatus
* Chrysolampis mosquitus
* Chloroceryle amazona
* Falco cenchroides
* Camphephilus princi
* Bucerbs bicornis