How to Draw - Easy Lessons


How to Draw - Easy Lessons's review


A simple way to learn how to color and draw

  • Simple controls
  • Smooth performance
  • Small file size
  • Needs an undo button
  • Could use better tutorials
  • Where's the drawing list shortcut?

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"Learn To Draw Your Best"


How to Draw - Easy Lessons provides you with a grid surface to practice your drawing skills on. You are given a set of preform drawings and receive rudimentary instructions on how to color in the shapes. It's a reasonably capable drawing tutorial app with a few flaws.


Are you looking for how to draw animals? This drawing app has simple controls and smooth performance. Having multiple drawings to choose from increases player engagement. Load up times were quick and the file size is nice and small.


It could use an undo or dedicated eraser button. It doesn't really teach you, rather than let you kind of stumble around and figure it out. A shortcut button back to the drawing list would be nice.

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by William

Aug 14, 2015

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