Human X-ray Anatomy - Latin Ed




    This application is primarily designed for x-ray technicians, nurses and students who wants to practice their skills in recognizing bones and bone features on x-ray images. Human X-ray Anatomy Lite - Latin Edition covers the majority of bones in the axial skeleton including the scull, spine and pelvis.

    In the full version you will get these and images of the appendicular skeleton with 350+ markings of bones and bone features with english and latin nomenclature, additional views of anatomical regions and images covering the basic radiographic anatomy of the chest, abdomen, urinary system and angiograms. A wide range of pediatric x-rays is also included.

    -Swipe the screen and a list of the features will be revealed.

    -Tap on images to zoom in.

    Features in the full version:

    -100% Ad free
    -All updates free
    -Sliding menu to enhance navigation
    -350+ markings of bones and bone features
    -English and latin nomenclature
    -Additional views of images
    -Upper and lower extremities
    -Chest, abdomen, urinary system and angiograms
    -A wide range of pediatric x-rays

    Key words: Human, anatomy, x-ray, bones, bone structures, radiology, radiography, røntgen, anatomi, radiografi

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