I Am Feeling



I Am Feeling is a tool to express how you are feeling, to know how someone is feeling, or to keep track of how you are feeling since the last time you used the app.

Also is a valuable tool for children to express how they are feeling!

Sound option to hear every button press and vibrate option to feel every button press!

I Am Feeling is also Ad-Free!

Buttons along bottom:
Sound: Sound on/off
Vibrate: Vibrate on/off
Help: Help screen
About: About screen
Exit: Exit I Am Feeling

Press the buttons on both sides of the face to hear how you are feeling.

Press the face to bring up the faces screen to select how you are feeling now.

In the faces screen, press the face once to see or hear the feeling and press it twice to select it.

If sound is on, pressing any of the buttons you will hear the button's action or words.

If vibrate is on, your device will vibrate with every button press if vibration is supported on the device.

I Am Feeling will save your current feeling and show you the next time you start the app.

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