ICDT Numbers




    New color screen to select your favorite colors and more room to draw!

    Numbers is part of our learning series I Can Do That.

    ICDT Numbers is Ad-Free!

    Numbers is designed with the same familiar buttons and colors like the other apps in our learning series!

    Major features in this fun and educational app include:
    Sounds! Option to have the number spoken out loud.
    Drawing! Draw or trace the number in your favorite color.
    Save! Save your writing to your device's external memory!

    Buttons along the top:
    Home: Back to home screen
    Refresh: Clear numbers & drawings
    Sound: Turn sound on & off
    Vibrate: Turn vibrate on & off

    Swipe your finger on the number to move to the next one!

    Use the space below the number to pick your color and draw the number. Press the Clear button below the colors to clear only the drawing screen to try again.

    Press the 123 button to copy the number to drawing area to trace it.

    Save your drawings! Press the Save button to save your drawing to the ICDT/Numbers folder on your device's external storage.

    If the Sound button is selected, press the number to hear the letter name.

    If vibrate is selected, the device will vibrate when a button is pressed or the number is swiped.

    More features coming soon like built in viewer to see the progress and masterpieces!

    Have fun!

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