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    iEdinboro (simple version)

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    iEdinboro is the FREE unofficial android, iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone application for Edinboro University Students!


    ********** This android version is very limited compared to the ipod, iphone and ipad version. This version only includes shortcuts to scots, twitter, bookstore, phone numbers, and the forums. Below are the additional features for apple users (this app will be updated with those features as soon as possible):

    - Features include information & access to Edinboro University resources online such as: Scots, Twitter, Athletics, Holidays, Health, Food, Drinks, Numbers, Facebook, Youtube, Book Store - all in a very neat, clean and fun design based on the official website of Edinboro University!

    - Includes a intuitive search function for in app content search!

    - Includes a list of local and important Edinboro phone numbers (tap to call with your iPhone!). Numbers include: On campus and Off campus emergency numbers, Counseling Services, Alcohol Counseling, Drug Counseling, Student Health Services, Domestic/Partner Violence, Hamot Medical Center, Meadville Medical Center, Millcreek Community Hospital, Saint Vincent Health Center, Airlines Erie Airport, Campus Bookstore, Greyhound Station, Erie Amtrak Tickets, Edinboro University.

    - Calendar & Events are included under these four categories: Academic Calendar, University Events Calendar, Athletic Calendar, Student Activities Calendar.

    - Student Handook includes: Welcome from Provost, Welcome from the President, University Leadership, Mission Statement, General Information, Edinboro University Fact Book, Policies, Student Support Services, Graduate Studies, Student Life, Community, Events, Calendar, Academic Information, Helpful Numbers, Piper's Quick Referral Guide
    Responding to Disruptive Behavior and Threats to the Campus Community.

    iEdinboro was designed by a student for the students - the usefulness and amount of information of this app is endless in your hands! Enjoy!

    Thanks for downloading, please leave a comment and positive rating if you like iEdinboro or found it useful! :)

    Love you Kayla.