iMiao helps you to master the writing of Simplified Chinese Characters effectively by tracing over the provided character models.

There are about 3000 models(limited to 21 models on the free trial version), including radicals and characters, with animated demonstrations of stroke order.
And the characters are classified into 4 levels corresponding to the degree of difficulty by "Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi(HSK) ".

HSK, also known as the Mandarin Chinese Proficiency Test, is a qualification test of Chinese for non-native speakers organized by the Ministry of Education of China.

In the current version, only Pinyin Search can be used for selecting the Chinese characters.

In the next release, the selection method will be enhanced.

Furthermore, more development efforts will be paid in the aspect of assisting the users to better understand the meaning of the Chinese characters.
Beyond merely memorizing the character's patterns, the users can also gain productive knowledge through learning activities.

We will be continuously striving toward providing you with more valuable solutions.

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