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    Explore the fascinating world of biological macromolecules:
    iMolview lets you browse and view in 3D protein and DNA structures from Protein Data Bank, drug molecules from DrugBank, and small molecules from Pubchem. Search for drug names like 'ibuprofen' or 'gefitinib' in DrugBank, or proteins like 'insulin' or 'thyroid receptor' or pdb code in PDB. Information associated with each molecule in these databases is also at your fingertips. Sync and view your own structure files via iMolview folder on your sdcard. Molecular view can be customized with a rich set of molecular representations (wires, balls-and-sticks, space filling, ribbon diagrams, molecular surfaces) and various coloring schemes. Select residues, atoms or chains and color or change their representations individually. Set 'inertia' to the maximum and let your molecule spin in 3D indefinitely.
    Please write to support[at] with any problems so we can follow up with technical details.

    IMPORTANT! The current version has a problem with certain old HTC phones. This issue will be fixed in the next version.

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