Important Lessons



An immensely valuable work by the great scholar shaykh Abdul Azeez Ibn Baz comprising of 18 important lessons every Muslim should be aware of:

The First Lesson - Memorise the Small Chapters of the Quran
The Second Lesson - The Conditions of the Shahadaa
The Third Lesson - The Six Fundamentals of Faith
The Fourth Lesson - What is Tawheed and Shirk?
The Fifth Lesson - The Five Pillars of Islam
The Sixth Lesson - The Nine Conditions of Prayer
The Seventh Lesson - The Basic Elements of Prayer
The Eighth Lesson - The Obligatory Acts of Prayer
The Ninth Lesson - The Contents of at-Tashahud
The Tenth Lesson - The Sunnan Acts of Prayer
The Eleventh Lesson - Invalidation of the Prayer
The Twelfth Lesson - The Conditions for Ablution
The Thirteenth Lesson - The Obligatory Elements of Ablution
The Fourteenth Lesson - The Six Nullifying Acts of Ablution
The Fifteenth Lesson - Recommend Morals
The Sixteenth Lesson - Islamic Decencies
The Seventeenth Lesson - Warning Others
The Eighteenth Lesson - The Funeral Prayer

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