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    Japan Quiz 2012

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    Appeared in the latest version of the application against the popular current affairs and general common sense!
    Mainly consists of current issues in the first half of 2012!

    ★ evolved into a multiple choice answer to the demand problem! You can enjoy in the form of Ichimon'itto.
    ★ Topics covered are the 2012 event will be at the center.
    ★ current affairs of 2011 people to be in the range questions Visit the "common sense and general current affairs 2011-2012"!
    ★ you want to give people the basic academic areas such as economic social and political history of postwar Japan and world history more about the "basic knowledge of current affairs and general common sense"!
    ★ There is also a free version with fewer problems.

    Current affairs and general common sense measures app various test measures.
    You can master the latest current affairs, current events in the sense of the term quiz!
    4 questions 択形 expression. You can learn without difficulty.

    Analyze and consider various exam professional exam.
    Topic areas in addition to always be asked,
    Problems who want to carefully selected questions out, with the goals easily.
    Prediction and the corresponding entrance examination and testing in 2013.
    200 questions about the total number of questions. (There is also the issue that overlaps with "common sense and general current affairs 2011-12" part.)

    Authors look back on the entrance exam 2012 problem

    [It is recommended to this person;
    • The exam measures current affairs of junior high school and high school exam!
      → Let's do a "level entrance exam."
    -Such as civil-service exam-employment testing and college admissions
      → Let's do the "common sense ① level" + "level entrance exam."
    -Those who want to enjoy in the sense of the term test and quiz come out in the news!
      → You can enjoy both "common sense level," "level entrance exam."

    [Theme] content questions
    Covering the themes of frequent and high school entrance examination in junior high school entrance exam ... "level entrance exam"
    Covering the themes of frequent job-such as civil-service exam test and college entrance exams ... "① level common sense"
    Other covering the events of 2012 ... "② level common sense."

    [International Politics]
    [International economy;
    [Domestic politics;
    [Domestic economy;
    [Environmental issues]
    [Science and technology;

    ※ key issues are important ★ ★ Mark
    ※ can view a list of questions in issue after the end of
    ※ The problem is solved repeatedly in a game.
    ※ questions 10 questions will be random each section.
    ※ problem will be multiple choice problem.

    File size light!

    Board of Education and Research Jiyugaoka Supervisor:

    -Can be saved to the SD card!

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