Japanese Quiz (JLPT N1-N5)



"Japanese Quiz" is a perfect application to anyone who studies Japanese.
You can learn vocabulary, Kanji, postpositional particles, grammar, and daily conversation while you answer the quiz questions.

Each quiz consists of 20 questions - just the right volume for a handy study-tool - and you can take it anytime anywhere!
If you have something to ask, you can share the quiz on Twitter or Facebook!
Have fun and get better with Japanese:-)

"Japanese Quiz" offers three different levels and can be used as a study tool for JLPT tests:
Level 1: Beginners - JLPT N4/N5 level
Level 2: Intermediate - JLPT N2/N3 level
Level 3: Advanced - JLPT N1 level

* Japanese Quiz can only be used online.

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