Joint Attention Training

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    "Joint Attention Training" is an app for children with autism.

    “Joint attention” is achieved when a child points at an object of interest and then turns to the parent to see if she is sharing the experience. It is the foundation upon which we build communication skills. Many children with autism do not learn to point by simply watching others do it. However, understanding the meaning of pointing, and learning to point are prerequisite to learning to use symbolic communication.
    This interactive app invites toddlers and preschoolers with autism to learn the meanings of finger pointing, arrow pointing, and gesture pointing. By incorporating working on joint attention on a daily basis, your child will learn this skill which is of critical importance to developing communication skills.

    Features of this app:

    - Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad.
    - Train kids to understand finger/gesture pointing.
    - Train kids to understand arrow pointing.
    - Train kids to learn joint attention skill (facial expression, gesture pointing)
    - Provide various rewards (cute animals, funny toys) as positive reinforcement

    Any suggestions and feedback are more than welcome. We will incorporate your valuable suggestions into the upcoming versions.