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Kana Mind is an educational game that helps you learn to recognize the symbols used in Katakana and Hiragana (collectively called "Kana"), the first two alphabet styles used in the Japanese language. With this knowledge, you'll be able to read aloud and write words in Japanese.

I created Kana Mind for myself, but decided to share it with others. That's why it's a free application.

Kana mind is not a simple matching or flash card game. It uses an intelligent memorization algorithm focused on teaching character combinations, and then measuring the player's success in matching each combination. As you progress through the game and learn the alphabets, the symbols become more and more complex.

Kana Mind will also remember how much time you've spent away from the application, and take that into account when testing you. This makes sure you haven't forgotten any of the matches you had learned previously.

For those looking to learn Japanese, Kana Mind tracks your progress letting you check your stats at any time. Can you get to the end and reach 100% proficiency in Kana knowledge? And for those who already know Japanese, Kana Mind's practice mode is the best way to retain Kana fluency - playing the game once a week is great to keep your memory fresh.

With Kana Mind, you’ll learn both Katakana and Hiragana before you even realize it!

***Notice to Android 5 users: If Kana Mind was automatically uninstalled when your phone upgraded to Android 5, or if you're unable to install because of an "Error -505", that's an Android 5 error! Google has created a fix with Android 5.0.1 and that should be out in the coming weeks***


• Two modes: learn reading and/or writing
• Learn the complete Hiragana and/or Katakana alphabet
• Store multiple player profiles
• 3 different romaji styles: Hepburn, Nippon-shiki, and Kunrei-shiki
• Groups of characters can be toggled on or off for more focused exercises
• Free application: no ads, no personal user data collection, no in-app purchases

But remember: Kana Mind is not a complete Japanese language course. It will only help you memorize Kana and Japanese romanization in an easy and quick way, and better than any flashcard game. But since it doesn't teach you Japanese grammar or vocabulary, it's intended to be used as an aid to an ongoing Japanese course.

Read more about the motivations behind Kana Mind here:


If you have suggestions, questions or bug reports, please send an email to zeh at zehfernando.com.

Thanks so much to our kind reviewers for comments and suggestions! I'm glad you're enjoying the application as much as I am!

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