Kanji Exam Grade9 App (free)



This app is the practice of grade 9 (Kanken) Kanji test for second grade.


One. For those containing the font file into the app, because it increases the size 6M, I recommend downloading the wireless LAN environment.
2. In order to extract the compressed file of the font when you first start the app, it may take a long time to start.

[How to use]
Kanji area ... "kanji display" is displayed. Can be handwritten.
How to read kanji area ... "read Display" is displayed. Is scrollable.
Return to the previous kanji "<" button · · ·.
The ON / OFF the display of the reading button ... "look good."
The ON / OFF button to display Chinese characters ... "feel".
Displays a dialog a list of kanji button ... "List".
The ON / OFF the display of Chinese characters gray button ... "instead of" or. Which was handwritten at ON / OFF is cleared.
I go to the next one kanji ">" button · · ·.

Description More]
One. Chinese characters that are included are 160 characters or less.

Considered high yellow line 交光 Kimihiro afternoon Engineering English language original old door yuan strength meter form 京 brother Christian fish cows near bow attributed 汽記 round face rock music live outside corner between sea picture song still meeting times what family summer home garden far 引羽 cloud body weight plateau pond known multi-ship line snow run off before assembly sunny west star voice number new parent figure Food heart little field manual spring color autumn week at room companies own neck weak sister 思紙 arrow temple city budget stop now Saisaku old black Hoku country management story 曜来 village for ten thousand friend Akira Yano gate hair sister rang every minute 聞米 north wind maternal step father horse meat trade numbering half wheat head south 読内 going with answer points east our winter electric sword shop direct brother Nagatori morning noon tea

2. Kanji fonts are displayed at the top of the screen using the IPA fonts.

3. Reading to be displayed at the bottom of the screen you are using a terminal font.

- I would appreciate contact if typographical errors, etc., is an error.
-I think if you can contact if you have additional functions such as, requested, and the time it takes, I would like to correspond as much as possible.

[Change] History
■ Version 2
・This application is able to store SD card.
・Terminal orientation is fixed vertical.

■ Version 1
· It is the very first version.

That is all.

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