Kanji Guess - Basic Words One


Kanji Guess for Android is a flashcard and quiz program for Japanese and English aimed at learners of the Japanese language. Though Japanese native speakers may find it useful to study English. Kanji Guess starts out with a dashboard that shows the status and progress of each of the vocabulary sets.

Kanji Guess - Basic Words One contains over 600 words in 23 vocab sets, plus 2 bonus sets. Each set has 25 or more words. The word lists include: animals, basic adjectives, common nouns, and beginners verbs, body parts, clothes, eating, fruits and vegetables, house, at the doctors, geography, numbers, family, shopping, sports, time and clock, weather, calendar and seasons, traveling, and a bonus of Japan cities and Tokyo Train stations.

Some of the words in the sets:

- At the doctors: 治す, 怪我, 看護婦, 歯が痛い
- Geography: 湖, 大洋, 砂, 公園, 砂漠, 植物
- House: 窓, 居間, 寝室, お風呂, 障子, 家具

Over 600 basic words to study and enhance your Japanese vocabulary!

- 23 vocab sets
- 2 bonus sets
- Each set has 25 or more words.
- Contains basic words that Japanese language learners need to know
- More advanced learners can use this to refresh their vocabulary

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