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Kanji Guess Lite for Android is a flashcard and quiz program for Japanese and English aimed at learners of the Japanese language. Though Japanese native speakers may find it useful to study English. Kanji Guess Lite is a fully functional demo program for Kanji Guess - Basic Words One, and soon to be released Kanji Guess - Basic Word Two. Kanji Guess Lite is useful by itself. You can use it to learn the kanas (hiragana and katakana), and start learning kanji. Kanji Guess starts out with a dashboard that shows the status and progress of each of the vocabulary sets.
Kanji Guess Lite contains over 250 new beginner vocabulary words, not including some of word lists from the previous version. Kanji Guess Lite contains 4 lesson sets for learning hiragana, and 4 sets for learning katakana. Each vocabulary set has 25 or more words.
The word lists include: hiragana only words, katakana only words, one set of phrases, sets of one kanji, sets of two kanji words. It also includes the first 6 lessons from the previous versions, and all the verbs in the JVerbs Lite App.
Kanji Guess Lite has been revised to support word sets just in hiragana or katakana. There are word sets to help you learn hiragana or katakana.

Some of the words in the sets:

- Hiragana words: この, それ, とても, いくら, それから, おかしい
- Katakana words: ドア, テレビ, キッチン, ドーナツ, バイキング, キムタク, エンジン, エレベーター
- One Kanji Words: 山, 月, 犬, 猫, 足, 木, 薬
- Two Kanji words: 一番, 英語, 普通, 時計, 外人, 上手, 先生, 名前
- 21 Word sets (11 new, 10 carried over)
- 4 sets to help learn hiragana
- 4 sets to help learn katakana
- Show romaji first.
- Graduate to hiragana.
- Then show no hiragana.

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