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Kanji Renshuu (漢字練習) is a flashcard application to help you practice Japanese Kanji characters. A simple Spaced Repetition System (SRS) is adopted to schedule and organize your Kanji practice.

Kanji cards are labeled with 5 different colors from red to lime green. This color shows the difficulty level of a particular card according to your personal practice performance. A card's review schedule interval and appearance frequency during practice will be adjusted according to this level.

There are 3007 most frequently used Kanji characters registered in Kanji Renshuu database, each are indexed and given an English keyword according to the book "Remembering the Kanji" by James W. Heisig.

Notable features:
✓ Simple, straightforward UI.
✓ Simple, adjustable SRS to keep your practice focused and efficient.
✓ Color labeling as a clear performance indicator for individual cards.
✓ Performance graph to keep track of your daily practice progress.
✓ Search Kanji cards by English, Kanji, readings, or SKIP code (e.g. "1-3-5").
✓ Filter Kanji cards by Jōyō grade and JLPT level estimation.
✓ Backup and restore cards data to external storage.
✓ Kanji stroke order diagram.

The development of Kanji Renshuu is inspired by many existing flashcard applications. Concepts and ideas are adapted and adjusted to suit the developer's learning needs. If Kanji Renshuu doesn't fit your needs, you might want to consider these alternatives:

✓ Anki: Notably one of the most popular SRS flashcard app.
✓ StickyStudy (iOS): SRS flashcard app with color labeling for individual cards.
✓ JA Sensei: A complete suite for learning Japanese with Kanji quiz feature.
✓ JFCards: Simple, straightforward flashcard app, but with no built-in SRS.

Check out this page for more detail:

If you like Kanji Renshuu, please consider buying the ad-free license.

✓ Internet access permission is required to load ads.
✓ External storage access permission is required for backup & restore functionality.

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