Kids Abc Letters Anim




    Kids Abc Letters will keep your little ones engaged in fun yet educational activities for hours.
    This app is optimized for both phones and tablets.and is suitable for kids aged 2 to 7 years.
    * What will my child learn?
    With Kids Abc Letters, your preschool-aged kids will learn the alphabet letter names and will practice letter shapes, letter recognition, and finding letters in context.
    Knowing how the alphabet letters are pronounced is our first educational goal, which is covered in a separate game section.
    * What activities are included in this game?
    The game has five wonderful child-friendly sections:
    1 -Naming Alphabets. A delightfully distraction-free way for kids to learn the name and the appearance of each english letter. Kids can tap on the letters to verify that they’ve learned the names correctly.
    2 -Forming Letters. Kids get to practice remembering what the letters look like by looking up a different written shapes of the letters.
    3 -Recognizing Alphabets. Children get to play a fun game where they can choose and place the correct letter with which begins the name of the animal. This section also includes the pronunciation of letters an corresponding animals.
    4 -Memory Alphabets Game : Children get to play a fun game where they can turn over pairs of matching cards . It's easy. Tap to flip two cards. Match a pair and they do a congratulation song. But flip quickly ... the clock is ticking.