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    Are you looking an application that helps to boost your kid's imaginary power, Here is our app for you !!! Connect the Dots !!!
    With our Connect the dots app, your kid will enjoy while learning.
    Preschoolers really connect with our Kids Connect the Dots game. It teaches children to recognize and pronounce the related character in a kid-friendly way.
    Take test button contains three different categories i.e Fruits,Animal and Random.
    Your child will love to choose the category of their choice. There is also a test for kids, they have to guess the images and write the name of the image if it is right answer there is a sound for congratulation. While the playing your child will learn a lot more things.playing Kids Connect the Dots, and you'll be able to relax, knowing your child is learning while having great fun. Children tap on a series of dots that outline a letter that the child usually can't quite identify. As they tap on the dots or connect the dots,corresponding cute and beautiful images are pronounced
    with sound. When children succeed in connecting them all, the connected dots are delightfully transformed into a colorful graphic of whatever the child has out lined.Preschoolers are surprised and filled with wonder to see the creatures and objects they've created "come to life" – and want to go on to create more and more of them.
    Your child will learn to recognize and pronounce the images with related character with sound and able to memorize the name of animals and fruits.So the game is a wonderful way for children to learn to the different characters. Kids also learn to identify the creatures and objects they create by connecting the dots.
    Keep your preschoolers occupied while they gain and improve their letter recognition skills and words with Kids Connect the Dots.Choosing the play button immediately begins a connect-the-dot adventure. With a preschool-friendly interface, the app is simple enough for your child to play without any help.
    Parents can emphasize the importance of following a sequence by activating the app's audio cues. When the audio mode is selected, a pleasing narrator guides your preschooler through the activity, naming each letter with related character with sound.As you know, connect the dots is one of the very old and proven method of kids brain development. Through our application, your kid can learn Alphabet and related character. They will also learn about the names of the Animals,Cartoons,Fruits,Vehicles,Consumer Electronics,Birds.
    Connect the dots application comes with a wide range of settings.
    -you can choose your favorite category from the settings
    - you can set background music off/on
    - you can enable sound to hear the image name.
    - if your kid is just learning, there is a option to enable the hints.
    Enjoy our Connect Dot app and have fun.
    No internet connection is required. This app does not contain any ads.
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