[Kids-Edu] Japanese Greetings



Free App for Little Kids Language Education.

With this app, kids can learn familiar greetings in Japanese with voices.

When you speak to device, app will recognize what you said.

Sounds and illustrations can help kids to learn basic Japanese greetings.

How to play:

・On starting game, an image will appear and you hear greeting voice.

・When you see microphone, please speak, repeat what you heard.

・If you pronunciated well, you can go to the next scene.

Kids don't need to read words in this app.

The main point of this app is, training Japanese

using both hearing and speaking together.

Eyes, mouth, ears, youcan get the basis of Japanese with your all five senses.

For detail, also look up to the support site : "Kids-Edu Apps Labo".
... http://d.hatena.ne.jp/kids-be-genius_en/

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