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The letters of the English language have found an easy entry into the kid’s educational world with the help of the “Kids Picture Dictionary”. This, easy-to-use sound-word dictionary helps these letters to aid in the kid’s English - Hindi learning with the help of examples which are “shown, written and spoken” in both English and Hindi (This English - Hindi picture dictionary uses simple, easy-to-relate-to preschooler words). Versatility is therefore a hallmark feature that sets this wonderful application apart from the existing preschool word games freely available, other kid’s educational games and the standard Pictionary apps present online.

This English-Hindi Dictionary has a colorful interface that resembles a book with two pages shown. The interest factor is kept alive with the help of nice, mellow music. A child will not face any problem in handling this amazing children’s picture dictionary. He is required to flip through each page – An activity which he will do while looking through the pages of a picture book.

Each letter has standard easy-to-understand English words for kids – Words for preschool and words for Kindergarten – in two pages of this dictionary of English-to-Hindi words (Hence English-to-Hindi translation is there to make understanding easy). The first page contains an image. The second page contains the word written in English and Hindi. When the page loads this audio book application plays the audio words in English and Hindi, however there is an audio icon next to each written preschooler words (both for English and Hindi) should the child want to hear the work getting spoken again.

A home icon is present for taking the child back to the first page. However, the unique feature of this kid’s Pictionary is that apart from the audio icon there is also a mike icon. Tapping on the mike icon opens up a recorder where the child can record his own voice. Hence, he can hear his own pronounced version of a recently learned preschooler word and get to know whether his English word pronunciation is correct or not in this dictionary of English-to-Hindi words. Kid’s picture dictionary is free for kids, i.e. there is no downloading cost for this interesting addition to the world of kid’s games. 2-year olds are sure to have a fantastic time in using this children’s Pictionary. Hence, don’t waste time in thinking and just go ahead and bring a smile on your child’s face.

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