Kids Learn - ABC Zoo



!!! CAUTION !!!

You wont get your phone back from your kids...

Its a fun filled app helps your kid to learn ABC in a easiest way [ songs and animations ] as well as the activities of the animals and their habitats.

* Application starts with ABC Intro song.
* Board with alphabets and ABC rhymes.
* Clicking on the board will take you to the respective animal animation.

* A for Ant
* B for Bee
* C for Cow
* D for Dog
* E for Elephant
* F for Frog
* G for Goat
* H for Hippo
* I for Inch worm
* J for Jellyfish
* K for Kangaroo
* L for Leopard
* M for monkey
* N for Nightingale
* O for Owl
* P for Penguin
* R for rabbit
* S for Swan
* T for Tortoise
* U for Unicorn
* V for Vulture
* W for Wolf
* X for X-ray fish
* Y for Yak
* Z for Zebra.

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