Kids Make Music



Is your kid learning about music? Here's a great app to introduce him to numerous instruments and notes as a good foundation. This app lets kids play with various musical instruments and notes to create their own music. The app is designed to allow children to make their own songs by playing with different musical instruments and musical notes and rests.

So, give your child some creative freedom now by installing this app and letting him connect notes to make his own songs or tunes. The app will teach him names and shapes of notes, and which notes sound better with others.

This full version has all instruments (piano, marimba, guitar, trombone and saxophone) available.

Try out this wonderful app and give your kid the perfect tool for learning about music. Get ready to listen to the tunes that your music loving kid comes up with!


- Your child can move the notes from the tool bar onto the music sheet to create his own music with only the piano.
- Music notes can be deleted by simply dragging them to the trash icon. Also, the entire sheet can be reset by tapping the trash icon.

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