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Kids Math Game is one of the best market place application for junior level kids learning math skill sets like learning and Identification of numbers, counting numbers and their pronunciations with the best in Graphically Animated and Fluently spelled in better and crispy English. All screen activity in this Kids Math application are fully ‘Touch-Speak’ functional.

Kids Math Objectives involves in motivating junior level children’s of kinder Garden to bring forth their Strong Math skills, supporting a best part in their school education, mental stamina, readability and recognition of numbers and their shapes and values attached to it. This Kids Math application provides kids independence in learning math skills of their own which worth a life value.

Main Themes in Kids Math learning involves
*) Learning Numbers - kids math,
*) Identify Numbers - kids math,
*) Counting Numbers- kids math,
*) Word to Number- kids math,
*) Number to Word- kids math,
*) After Number- kids math,
*) Before Number- kids math,
*) Between Number- kids math,
*) Smallest Number- kids math,
*) Biggest Number- kids math,
*) Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication- kids math,
*) Time and Analog Clock- kids math,

Full version of the Kids Math Application comes with the 3 flavor modes. Easy, Medium, Hard as to tiffness the child expects. These Application modes can be selected under the Options menu button in the Main screen. This limits the Course of Teaching.
In Learning number, the kid math has been given option to traverse to next and previous number using the Right left arrow like button at the bottom of the screen. Screen is fully touch and hear and learn in very jolly, kid friendly mode.

Counting numbers are made simple using kids lovely images. Touch on each images gives the exact count of the images that lies in. This helps the kids to learn independently without the elderly help.
These features are described in the video for reference. Kindly check it out so that it ll help you out a lot over the learn of your kids Math In Basic Math operation like Addition , subtraction , Multiplication it has been made as easy as Teachers Teaching word by word, kids can touch the images for need of help. The first correct answer in all the apps these game will be given be Awarded a star. This will be also be listed on the score bored of your application.

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Download kid math now for free and enjoy the new way of math learning.

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