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    "Kids Maths" or "Junior Maths" is an excellent mobile application that will help to provide basic and fundamental kids maths concept to your little one. It is designed in such a way that your child can visualize the maths with the real world. This tool will help your child to build the strong foundation on mathematics through the medium of play. Even, parents and teacher should use this application to teach mathematics with excellent visual concept to kids. It is an excellent tool for junior maths. This application includes all the major mathematics topics for a kids, that includes

    1) Learn Numbers
    2) Learn Counting
    3) Backward Counting
    4) What comes after, what comes before and between concept
    5) Familiarization of Mathematics Signs like greater than, less than and equal
    6) Learn Addition
    7) Learn Subtraction
    8) Simple Solution (Quiz)
    9) Descriptive Problems (Addition and Subtraction)
    10) Table of Addition
    11) Table of Subtraction

    This app will be useful to kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2 grade 3 kids.

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