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    Kids Shapes is a set of more than 200 exercises to teach kids shapes, pattern recognition and simple logic. It is useful for kids ages 3 to 6.

    * Puzzles and games to teach kids Shapes, Patterns, and Logic.
    * Follow voice instructions and hints.
    * Kids earn badges and trophy for their effort.
    * No third-party ads, No in-app purchases and No data collection

    The games are -

    * Picture Puzzles - Match shapes in the picture to fill it - Teaches shapes. Pictures include fish, rocket-ship, house, christmas tree, butterfly, flower, windmill, boat etc.

    * Shape Mazes - Get the fish to the aquarium by following the spoken shape - Improves shape recognition.

    * Pattern Sequences - Complete the pattern made of 2, 3 or 4 repeating shape sequences - Teaches patterns.

    * Sudoku Games - Fill in the 4X4 grid such that there is only 1 of each shape in each row, column and box - Teaches logic.

    To protect the kids -
    - No third party ads.
    - No in-app purchases.
    - No integration with social networks.
    - No usage data collected.
    - No account data read.
    - No push notifications.

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    About Us
    We are mothers and teachers developing apps to make learning fun for kids. We design the apps with our kids. Our young kids test the apps. We are supported by our families and our customers. Thank you for buying our learning apps.

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