Kids Studio - Nature



This is a 4-Dimension learning process designed for kids to learn the great nature, e.g. wind, rain, sun:
1. Learn words of nature
2. Learn pictures
3. Learn how to pronounce
4. Listen to the nature sounds

We put all elements into flash cards, easy to learn and easy to play.
Each flash card presents a word and a picture, then touch for pronunciation and shake for sounds.
This will definitely inspire your kids' imagination, help kids learn with fun.

Guide your kids to learn in 3 modes:
* Learn Mode
* Guess Mode
* Quiz Mode

Not enough pre-load flash cards?
We provide the functionality to create your own flash cards with this app by 3 steps:
1. Take a picture
2. Record sound (optional)
3. Type words and save

Have fun with your kids!

Note: All pre-load pictures, sounds are from public domain or free of use license. Thanks to wikipedia, and