Kidz Learn



"Kidz Learn" application is a learning tool and it is available for download, as a universal app in Android platform.Once downloaded it does not require internet connection to play the contents. Upon opening this app the users i.e. kids can view 7 menu options. The 7 menu options comprises of Alphabets, Numbers, Stories, Shapes, Colors, Body Parts and More.
This application can be used as a learning tool along with other essentials to foster learning and help kids entering Kinder garden. It is also a fun tool for Kinder Gardeners to learn effectively.

1. Kidz Learn has alphabets A-Z.The animation in the alphabets have quality photos and also enables them to learn 4 words for an alphabet.
2. The numbers (1 - 10)have sounds of animals and counting aid in a child's voice.
3. The alphabets and numbers are in tune with pictures and helps child to learn effectively.
4. This app is highly child friendly and aid your kid to learn and think .
5. The shapes and colors are explained taking real life objects as an example.
6. There are 4 stories for kids.Stories are simple and helps Kids to appreciate Nature and things they have in life. 7. The Body parts teaches the kids all the external parts taking human body as an example.