KiwiViewer is a free, open-source visualization app for exploring scientific and medical datasets. KiwiViewer opens a variety of file formats including obj, stl, ply, vtk, vtp, vtu, vti, mha, g, and pdb. Datasets can be opened from the SD card or DropBox, or downloaded from a URL. Scenes consisting of multiple datasets can be loaded into KiwiViewer using a simple comma-separated-value file format.

KiwiViewer provides ParaViewWeb connectivity, enabling users to join a live ParaViewWeb session and download the scene for local visualization. Also included with KiwiViewer are several visualization demos such as an interactive brain atlas viewer, an animated time-series dataset, and a 3D image slice plane widget.

KiwiViewer is powered by VTK (the Visualization Toolkit) and VES (the VTK OpenGL ES 2.0 Rendering Engine.) Visit for more information. There, you can download the source code to these projects, and use VTK, VES, and the Kiwi Platform to create your own visualization applications for mobile devices.

If your favorite file format is not supported, let us know! Contact us at You can also use the ParaView desktop application ( to convert files for KiwiViewer.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners: there is an issue that may cause the device to reboot while running KiwiViewer. Avoid screen orientation changes while the camera is rotating.

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