Korean Essential Vocabulary Ⅱ



Coming Out by Series App

- For Korean Drama Fans
- For Travelers to South Korea
-For students aiming for Getting hired from Korean companies or Korean studies abroad
-Recommended for all the learners of Korean language!!

Special Features
1) Composed of basic words foreign learners need to know
2) Able to talk to Koreans freely, having only to memorize all the words in this App
3) Words study to prepare for the test of TOPIK, KLPT and KLT
4)Effectively three-level arranged (Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced)
5) Included all the contents from '한국어 필수단어 6000'

How to Learn
1) Settings >Choose Amount of Studying and Pronunciation Frequency as much as you want
2)Click To Start Study> Start >Word Study while listening to native speaker’s pronunciation
3)Throw the memorized word cards to Trash can icon
4) Study confirmed when all the memorized word cards are thrown into a trash can
5) Reset > Start to review again

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