Korean handwriting Plus



★NO.1 brand Of learning Korean for children
★Miracle Method of Korean learning! You can write Korean Just Following Our App.
★The bible of edu-tainment-Playing card game for review
★From character, combination character, to word.
-According the order of learning, children can learn Korean.
★ㄱ~ㅎ 14 characters, 가~히 140 combination characters, 135 words of 27 theme, -rich and various contents.
★Numbers will teach how to write.
★Children can write Korean with finger following instructions
★.After writing, Children can check their learning to play card game

■ Features & Contents
1. Seed class: from ㄱ to ㅎ, learning characters
2. Bud class: from가 to 하, learning a combination characters
3. Stem class: 가족/ 유치원/ 동물원/ 소풍/ 음악시간/미술시간/ 우리집/ 병원/ 화재예방/ 탈것
4. Leaf class: 과일/옷/기분/자연/계절/색깔/야채/음식/시간/우리몸
5. Flower class: Christmas/ 설날 /추석/봄/여름/가을/겨울

■ How to use Card game
1. You should finish a theme for playing a card game.
2. If you finish a theme in each class, 10 stars are given
3. You can play a card game using a star

■ report & partnership: cs@hyonga.com

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