Korean Study Step1 (Tab-Free)



■ Korean language study STEP 1 with "Writing Princess"
(For Galaxy Tab & WXGA-Phone only.)
■ Elementary Korean language education APP by enjoyable learning with writing.
■ Korean language dictation learning is possible by writing with this APP.

'Writing Princess STEP 1' is an innovative APP through which people can learn Korean language
as if mother teach English words to young child by writing those words on the notebook.
Not only visual factor(figures) and auditory factor(sounds) of traditional APPs,
but writing recognition system which is developed by ourselves in this APP make it possible for people
to study without notebook or pens.
Now, why don't you, young boys and girls, enjoy writing and study with 'Writing Princess STEP 1'?

★ Korean language education APP which can do dictation!
★ Maximizing the effectiveness of learning Korean language by using the concept that mother teach
Korean words to young child by writing those words on the notebook!
★ Patent for writing recognition system!
★ Appeared on TV program, MBC Power Magazine!

< Characteristics of 'Writing Princess STEP 1' >

▶ First stage - Phonics
- Learning elementary Korean alphabet!
- Korean language can be learned by writing initial sound (ㄱ~ㅎ)┃a neutral vowel (ㅏ~ㅖ)┃letter (가~하)┃as the order of making each alphabet.

▶ Second stage - Dictation
- Learning Korean by listening & writing memorized alphabet.
- Korean language can be learned by writing and listening pronunciation of "Writing Princess"

▶ "Writing Princess & Writing King" Characters' awesome voice
- Voice actors' awesome voice that can be heard only in 'Writing Princess STEP 1' APP.

★ 'English Study STEP I with Writing Princess' is also released for studying English.

★ "Korean study STEP II with Wiriting Princess" is also being developed for student.

★ Please leave your opinions, and it will be considered carefully for further development.

★ Maximum Supported Size :
- 800*480px (WVGA) - For Smart Phone only.
- 1024*600px (WSVGA) - For Galaxy Tab only.
- 1280*720px (HD) - For Galaxy Tab only.
- 1280*800px (WXGA-PHONE) - For Galaxy Tab only.

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e-mail - ceosoftheaven@gmail.com
Produced by - Softheaven

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