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We want to help you quickly acquire 300 of the most commonly used vocabulary words in the English language. Visual illustrations, audio recordings from native speakers and written words simultaneously blast new vocabulary into your memory. As children, each of us learned these words in our native languages by repeatedly seeing, hearing and eventually reading them. We hope to recreate this natural and child-like learning experience for ESL students all over the world.

Learn vocabulary basics in the following categories:

1. Clothes
2. Foods
3. Toys
4. Numbers
5. Colors & Shapes
6. Tools
7. the Living Room
8. the Yard
9. the Bathroom
10. the Kitchen
11. the Bedroom
12. the Garden
13. Pets
14. Insects
15. the Face
16. the Body

Also fun for toddlers and kids to play with.

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English as a second language.

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