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    Road Map for Success With Leadership Academy and A Guarantee.

    Everything that I’ve learned and experienced as a Motivator, Coach, Instructor, Black Belt and Martial Artist is summed up in these 7 simple steps. In that respect, if they are followed, I will absolutely guarantee success!

    Come to, at minimum, 2 classes per week, consistently. Be committed! You can come to more classes if your schedule permits it. The more you come, the more you learn!
    Review, throughout the week, the material presented in class. The physical techniques as well as the life skills training at least 2 additional times per week. 10 minutes each. Remember, practice doesn’t make perfect…Perfect practice makes perfect!
    Perform at least 1 random acts of kindness each week! Help someone else out!
    Set a goal for yourself. Remember why it is that you’re here. Write it down.
    If you have a question about something, ask. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I will always be a student, if I’m not sure on something, I will call my instructor!
    Cultivate the expectation of Leadership. Believe that you are a leader. Believe that you are confident. At minimum, believe that you will develop leadership and confidence!
    Bow at the front door and shout “Hello Sir!” or “Goodbye Sir!” – and when you bow onto the deck shout “YES I CAN!” and believe it because you can!. Get out of your comfort zone! If you want big results, be the loudest one each day to say it!