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we decided to combine all languages ​​into a single app so this app is only a link to "Words Learn Languages"

Words Learn Languages is the only app to expand your arabic vocabulary that offers you a personalized training to learn many new words useful in improving your conversation in arabic. It is available on the Android Market Google Play .

-*- 4500 words divided into 65 categories
The words of "Words" are organized into categories in order to allow you to learn words in arabic to specific areas of interest . You can select more than one category at a time and make learning sessions more and more complex .

-*- Improve listening and pronunciation
Listen to the words you're learning and improving your listening and your pronunciation in arabic. The app allows you to learn arabic words indeed to hear the correct pronunciation of words that you are learning and allows you to enter your answers directly in arabic, you just say them.

-*- See your report card
Track your progress from day to day to see how many new words in arabic are learning through "_Words" . The results of all your training session is recorded , so you can see which words are wrong more often and what you know now and that are part of your new arabic vocabulary .

-*- Share your achievements on FB and TW
Every time you make a good training session , publish your results on Facebook or Twitter and challenge your friends to do better using "_Words" to learn arabic.
Who will be the strongest to learn new words?

-*- Less than 1mb of space and the possibility of using off-line.
"Words" to learn arabic does not weigh down your smartphone's memory , all the data are automatically installed on the sd card so as not to take up space. In addition, you can play "_Words" and learn new words in arabic really where you want because you do not need to be connected to the internet (off-line). "Words" to learn arabic is the way to improve your vocabulary fun, easy and always at your fingertips .

News in version 1.2.0:

-*-Added other languages:
- Chinese
- Japanese
- Korean
- Arabic
- Greek
- Hindi
- Russian
- Thai.

-*- Better translation of certain words

News in version 1.1.9:

-*- Publish the results on twitter.
-*- Support for the Portuguese language.
-*- Improved the translation of certain words.

News in version 1.1.8:

-*- Publish results on your wall facebook.
-*- Support for the French language.

News in version 1.1.6:

-*- Ability to change the language directly from the main menu.
-*- Improved the translation of certain words.

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