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Learn Bulgarian Pro is an android app which shows you different words in Bulgarian.
Similar to the free version the word is displayed and pronounced one at a time and a picture is shown depending on the word.
The user can choose to repeat the word or to get a new one.

Support is handled on our site: http://club.orbisius.com/support/ .
Please do NOT use the reviews to seek support as we cannot reply to reviews.

* Faster loading speed
* More frequently updated
* Learn over 600 critical words and phrases.
* Hear the language spoken by native speakers
* See word in its native form.
* Numerous fixes and tweaks that yet to be applied to the standard version.
* App2SD supported (app can be moved to SD card)
* Compressed audio files (mp3) to ensure fast playback
* Works on and offline
* Good to take when traveling
* The phrases are organized in the following categories:
Азбука / Alphabet
Основни Фрази / Basic Expressions
Дни от седмицата / Days of the Week
Месеци / Months
Глаголи / Verbs (just 3 now more will be added)
Цветове / Colors
Сезони / Seasons
Числа / Numbers
Животни / Animals
Дрехи / Clothing
Кухня / Cuisine
Семейство / Family
Пътуване / Travel
Природа / Nature

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