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"Learning Chinese with your Android device"

Learn Chinese with busuu.com is an android application based on the website with the same name, in which you can practise your Chinese from a beginner level to an advanced intermediate level.

In the main menu, you can choose to start a Course by tapping on Course Selection. Then, you can choose the level and start with the units. Each unit has 3 sections: the first one, with pictures and small explanatory texts about the main topic, a dialogue between people and some questions regarding it and finally a review, in which you can answer questions that cover everything you've seen in the previous sections. You can also choose to listen to the text instead of reading it, or doing both at the same time.

Back to main menu, you can continue your course right where you left it or choose to overview the mistakes you made during the tasks you were given, which is rather useful.

The main disadvantages of this learning application are the following two: firstly, in tablet devices you can't see the complete questions: you only see a part of them and it's kind of hard to do some of the exercises. Second of all, some of the units are paid features and you need to buy them on the market, so not everything's free.

Useful application for Chinese learners, but it should be fixed for those using a tablet and some of the exercises should be reviewed. Maybe they could add an extra level for kids who don't know anything about Chinese but like to play around with their parent's devices.

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